Energy Storage/Inverter

Energy Storage/Inverter

3.6KW Bi-directional energy storage converter

In this design, input range is 90Vac-264Vac and output is 39-55Vdc/55A. A singleSpintrol ARM4 MCU is used as system controller, Totem-pole PFC and synchronousLLC is designed in the system, to realize bi-directional charge & discharge energyflow.The forward charging uses CC&CV dual control loop and the reverse inverter usesSPWM design. The inverter outputs pure sine wave, and the resistive load outputUTHD is less than 2%; The RC and RL load output UTHD is less than 3%: The RCD loadoutput UTHD is less than 5%.

5KW capacitive load AC_DC charger

The reference design is a peak 5KW AC/DC solution for capacitiveload, with input range 90264Vac and output OV-700V/7A.Interleaved parallel PFC and phase-shift full bridge DC/DC weredesigned to adapt to the wide output voltage range of 0-700V. Tomeet the design spec of high capacitive load, the current loop soft-start was optimized and CC & CV dual control loop was designed toensure the system reliability

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