1.8KW high frequency and power density DC-DC converter

The reference design is a high frequency 1.8kW DC/DC converterbased on SiC device with input voltage range 300-400Vdc, ratedoutput 12V/50A. Synchronous LLC topology and main controllerFAN7688 used selected, with peak current control, cycle-by-cyclecurrent limit, and output OvP & short circuit protections. Powerdensity reaches 190W/inch^3。

3KW high efficiency on board DCDC

This reference design proposal is a 3KW load DC/DC system with a voltage range of 350Vdc~700Vdc, a rated output of 27.5V, and a rated output current of 110A (peak 130A). The main circuit adopts a phase-shifting full bridge circuit based on SiC MOSFET, and the output adopts synchronous rectification. The main control core adopts a dedicated phase-shifting full bridge synchronous control core, and the design is simple and reliable.

30KW DCDC for traction

This reference design is a 30KW wide range DC/DC converter with input range 400~950Vdc, rated output 110V/273A (output range 90V~130V).


The reference design is a 2.5KW on board DC/DC converter with inputvoltage range 200~450Vdc, rated output 12.5V/200A. The maintopology is Boost + full bridge LLC + peak current control synchronousrectifier output.

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