The reference design is a 6.6kW OBC solution with input voltagerange 176-264Vac, rated output 240-420Vdc/16A. The input topologyis interleaved parallel PFC, DC/DC is full-bridge LLC, and the output isSiC diode bridge rectifier. For the short-circuit protection issue of LLCa more reliable two-level overcurrent protection is used to improvethe system reliability.


This reference design adopts a fully SiC design, which supports bidirectional energy flow; Compatible with single-phase and three-phase AC transmission; When single-phase transmission occurs, the maximum output power is 6.6KW; When transmitting three-phase power, the maximum output power is 11KW. PFC and LLC are each controlled by a DSP, and the PFC line voltage is adjusted in real-time based on the output voltage to optimize LLC operation and improve system efficiency. When operating in reverse, the output is single-phase 220V AC, and the maximum output power in reverse is 6.6KW.

18KW logistic vehicle charger

This reference design is a solution for logistic vehicle charger withover 700V bus input, which outputs a wide voltage range of 42-60 Vand maximum current 300 A. Phase shift full bridge topology wasdesigned to realize ZVS operation for the main switching MOSFETs.and current doubling rectification reduce the output rectifier devicescurrent stress and also the inductor volume.

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