Global Power Supported The "Domestic Automotive Semiconductor Testing And Certification" Project Organized By National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation

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2023-08-01 14:17

Foreword: Recently, GPT cooperated with the completion of a series of domestic automotive semiconductor components in the "First Test and Verification of China's Automotive Semiconductors" project organized by the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center.


  In order to promote the sustainable and high-quality development of China's automotive industry, ensure the early realization of China's goal of building a world automotive power, cultivate and improve the technology research and quality control capabilities of domestic automotive semiconductor enterprises, and promote the application of domestic automotive semiconductors. The National Innovation Center adheres to the national strategic requirements, integrates industry resources, and unites semiconductor industry partners and experts to jointly carry out the "Domestic Automotive Semiconductor Testing and Certification" project. The project takes the power semiconductor of the vehicle power control unit as the starting point, All replaces with domestic semiconductor components, and carries out the system device laboratory test, product bench-marking test, system bench test and vehicle installation test. From the perspective of testing, it will promote the construction of China's automotive semiconductor standard system, testing and certification system and rapid iterative optimization of products. The next step of the National Innovation Center will be to carry out laboratory testing, bench-marking tests and cold tests.

  Turpan high temperature test

  With a temperature of 43°C, this is not the hottest time! This is Xinjiang Turpan, known as the "hot pole of China", which is extremely harsh for human, but for the engineers of the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center, it is the best place for scientific research and experiments.

  Since the end of July 2019, the National Innovation Center has carried out a one-month "extreme high temperature" test project in Turpan with four test vehicles equipped with domestic silicon-based IGBTs (insulated gate bipolar transistors) and silicon carbide diodes, which is also one of the test projects for the installation verification of domestic automotive semiconductors. A total of 6,000 kilometers of high-temperature tests have been carried out on a single vehicle to verify the performance and reliability of semiconductors under high temperature real vehicle conditions. Through repeated verification of the quality status and adaptability of semiconductors in various extreme situations, and through bench-marking tests, compared with foreign competitors, found problem and proposed corresponding improvement measures, which provided security for the final realization of domestic automotive semiconductor applications.

  On August 14, 2019, the National Innovation Center invited experts from 13 vehicle and semiconductor companies, including GPT, to Turpan to carry out on-site automotive semiconductor testing and verification, and held a seminar on high-temperature testing technology for automotive semiconductor testing and verification projects. At the meeting, the participating experts spoke highly of the automotive semiconductor testing and verification project and discussed the industrial cooperation mode between the semiconductor industry and the automotive industry.

  The head of the National Innovation Center said that as a catch-up player in the automotive semiconductor industry, the formation of standardized products is an important way for the automotive semiconductor industry to shorten the gap and achieve transcendence. Standardized products are conducive to concentrating the superior resources of the industry and quickly launching high-level products. At the same time, standardized products are more in line with the requirements of vehicle enterprises for supply chain security. It is hoped that through the efforts of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, it will lay a good foundation for the large-scale application of automotive semiconductors in new energy vehicles.

  Domestic top brand suppliers supporting

  The domestic supplier of autonomous diodes used in the test vehicle is Global Power Technology. GPT is a third-generation semiconductor material silicon carbide device manufacturing and application solution provider in China, which is not only a leading enterprise of silicon carbide chips, but also an emerging force supporting high-end manufacturing. As a domestic silicon carbide R&D, production and platform service company, product line of GPT involves basic core technology products, silicon carbide molding products and multiple sets of industry solutions. GPT has obtained IATF16949:2016 certification, and products meet the high requirements of new energy vehicles for high-efficiency, small-volume, high-temperature resistant silicon carbide devices.

  GPT's silicon carbide power devices 650V/2A-100A, 1200V/2A-50A, 1700V/5A-50A, 3300V/0.6A-50A and other series of products have been put into mass production, and the product quality can be compared with international advanced level. The products have "positive temperature coefficient, easy to use in parallel, temperature-independent switching characteristics" and other characteristics, the operating temperature is -55°C to 175°C, and the working efficiency is stable in the environment of high and low temperature.

  As one of the suppliers of domestic key components for testing and verification of automotive semiconductors project in China, GPT will also fully support the wider application of silicon carbide devices in the new energy field.


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