NOVOSENSE launched the automotive-qualified integrated current sensor NSM2019 featuring low impedance and high isolation

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2023-08-01 14:05

The NSM2019 integrated current sensor chip from NOVOSENSE provides a fully integrated, highly isolated current sensor solution with extremely low internal primary conductor resistance, providing accurate current measurement without external isolation components for a wide range of applications for AC or DC current measurement in automotive and industrial systems.


NOVOSENSE integrated current sensor chip NSM2019


The NSM2019 is a perfect complement to the NSM201x series of integrated current sensors already in production from NOVOSENSE, with a unique package design that achieves industry-leading primary conductor resistance as low as 0.27mΩ and increased continuous current capability to 100A, further reducing the difficulty of heat dissipation design in compact systems.


NSM2019 is available in automotive-qualified and industry-qualified versions. The automotive-qualified  version meets the reliability requirements of AEC-Q100 Grade 0 and can work in the harsh environment of -40 to 150℃.


High isolation and large primary current capability

With the unique SOW10 package design, the NSM2019 achieves a creepage distance of up to 8.2mm, a UL-compliant isolation withstand voltage of 5000Vrms, and a basic isolation voltage capability of 1618Vpk.


The NSM2019 has an extremely low primary resistance of 0.27mΩ, continuous primary current capacity of up to 100A, and surge current capability of up to 20kA.


High precision standards without user programming

NSM2019 adopts fixed and pseudo-differential output modes, and the output voltage does not fluctuate with the supply voltage. It eliminates the dependence on high-precision voltage regulator systematically, thus making the system BOM simpler and more cost-effective. In addition, thanks to the precise temperature compensation algorithm inside the chip and offline calibration, the NSM2019 can maintain a high accuracy in the full operating temperature range requiring no user programming, with a sensitivity error of <±2% and a zero error of <±10mV in the full temperature range.


Fast overcurrent protection

The NSM2019 features fast overcurrent protection with a typical response time of 1.5μs. This fast overcurrent output provides an easy way to detect overload, short circuit events and prevent damage to power devices in inverters, motors, or other applications. The default overcurrent protection threshold ranges from 75% to 175% of full scale current.


Flexible selection

The NSM2019 supports 3.3V or 5V supply voltage (different supply versions) to meet the needs of different power systems, and DC current or AC current measurement, with current range of 20~200A.



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