Homepage Solution Classification

Homepage Solution Classification

400W 3-phase input industrial fan motor drive

此参考设计⽅案是专为单相输⼊的⻛机驱动转为三相输⼊设计。 单相输⼊时,⻛机驱动⺟线电压为400V。为适配三相输⼊,将三相AC输⼊⾸先升压⾄700Vdc,再将700Vdc降压⾄400Vdc。三相PFC和Buck变换器由⼀颗MCU控制,⻛机驱动由另⼀颗MCU控制。三相PFC实现了10%负载时,iTHD在20%以内的设计要求。

150A hybrid bidirectional solid state relay

This product is a high performance & low cost bi-directional hybridrelay designed by mixing a high power IGBT and a traditionamechanical relay. The maximum rating is 800V/150 A. Like traditionalmechanical relays, this product supports 2500 Vrms isolation and canbe widely used in electric vehicles, charging piles, energy storage, PVinverter, etc.

3.6KW Bitcoin miner power

The project is a 3.6kW bitcoin miner power supply with input 90-264Vacand output 12V300A. SiC-based totem-pole PFC and interleaved parallelsynchronous rectifier LLC topology were selected for system design. Thetotem pole PFC achieve extremely high efficiency (peak up to 99%) andthe interleaved synchronous LLC reduce output current ripple from 48%to 12% which greatly reducing output capacitor stress.

800W Platinum Efficiency Server Power

This reference design provides a low-cost server power solution. Thesystem is designed with PFC and synchronous rectifier LLC topologyusing a single Spintrol ARM4 MCU SPC1168 to control both the PFCand LLC. This solution achieves the requirements of platinumefficiency and standby power consumption standard, meets the iTHDdynamic and current sharing design requirements of full load range.which is a highly completed server power reference solution.

400A high frequency robot welding machine

本参考设计⽅案是⾼频逆变式机器⼈焊接电源,采⽤DSC微处理器,实现全数字控制,额定电流为350A. 主电路采⽤基于SiC器件的硬开关全桥⽅案。电路简单,使⽤⾃研SiC驱动模块,实现有源密勒钳位和去饱和短路保护功能,提⾼了系统的可靠性。

16KW HVAC solution base on SiC device

This solution used Wolfspeed's SiC devices to instead of traditionaIGBT module for HVAC systems, which can significantly improve thesystem performance and has more cost effective. The compressorcontrol frequency was set to 16KHz to reduces audible noise.Meanwhile, the system efficiency is much higher compared withtraditional IGBT devices, especially with light load. The standby powerconsumption is lower to meet the standby energy efficiency standard

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